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Mbuna not eating :(

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I recently cleaned out the soil and the tank of my only cichlid . The tank had too much algae growth and the substrate has to be cleaned. We made a mistake of using dish soap on some surfaces but made sure there was none left. We then transferred him back. He recently experienced loss of a tank mate. And now I change the set up of the tank to allow for more place for the only fish to move around. But he hasn't been eating in 3 days he was hiding a lot at first. But now he is just hanging at the bottom of the tank with no motion . His fins are also slightly orange / yellow a past few months. And I think he is scared of me as I handle the aquarium a lot. I needed to sorry:(. I have also changed the lighting routine. But he has been digging as he usually does after any change.Could it be that he would be more keen on eating during the day? He loves tetrabits but I feed him more of tetra pro algae now. How do I use garlic to feed him. I am scared. Water parameters are under control . I added some pimafix just in case


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Multiple issues... it sounds like you took the tank apart, and completely cleaned it... No mention of a dechlorinator, the tank likely cycled again which can be deadly. Perhaps some soap residue, you never use soap on an aquarium. Fins are likely discoloured from chlorine burn. Mbuna should be kept in groups, and in tanks larger than 55 gallons, 4 ft long. Garlic isn't the answer here, neither is pimafix, a fungicide. The Pimafix could have actually made things worse here.

At this point the only thing you can do, is hope it survives, and don't do this again... the algae is actually healthy for the fish, depending on the amounts. If it becomes too much, you've likely overfed the fish, and left the lights on too long. But then, it's impossible to know if that's the case, without seeing pictures of before the cleanse.
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