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Mbuna Hongi head turned white

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I've had this guy for several months now and his head has suddenly turned this whitish color. It's odd because it's even on both sides.
He's in a 75 gallon all mbuna tank, all water perameters are good, he eats good, is active and is not picked on.
Does this look like a fungus? I've also noticed at times he uses only tail fin to swim and others stay locked to his side.
Initially, I thought because he's still a juvenile, maybe he was changing white before he changes to yellow on his head.
I've just moved him to a quarantine tank until I figure out next steps...any help is appreciated



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an update...I had him in a hospital tank to keep an eye on him. His color hasn't really returned. It's now more his body has gone colorless, but he's active and eating.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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