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Mbuna, Haps or Peacocks?

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Mbuna, Haps or Peacocks?
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Mbuna, Haps or Peacocks?
Trying to set up a 135g tank.....
you can do peacocks and haps with no problem

here's my tank

You can do all three in a 135 gallon if you choose the right species.

Which species were you considering?
Good question about what species :)
Been doing research for more than a month and have gone from Peacock to Haps to Mbuna to Peacock/Haps to Mixed to maybe just keeping my lonely Oscar :-? :-? :-? .
Please help.

Thanks all.

btw, nice rocks F8LBITEva any problems with keeping the gavel clean under those rocks?
Thanks, I have a powerhead and filter returns pointed at the filter intakes I also syphon the substrate during water changes and every other month or so I remove all the rocks and syphon everything.
I would do all three as long as you find the correct combination. I would also make sure you try to get some male/female mixes of the correct species as this will bring out their character.
I find that most do mbuna once and always go towards other African cichilids, Malawi, Tanganyikan or whatever... Mbuna are so boisterous that it gets kind of annoying after a while. They are very very very hardy, though, breed readily and are very colorful. So, if you're looking for those things, with little 'brains', then go for them. :)
Thanks everyone for all your time, comments, suggestions and advises.
Made up my mind and gonna do Mbuna.
Started a thread at Malawi Dissusion ... p?t=174897

Kindly join me there for more discussion.
Thanks all.

Btw Windsor, hope i don't become another statistics :)
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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