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When I started out with Mbuna I did Yellow labs and Demasoni in a 30" tank. It didn't work. Had 5 yellow labs which quickly became 1. Not certain on the ratio but at least 2 were female. The dominant Male shredded them all in short order, and ended up on his own. Had a group of 12 Demasoni, which "worked" to a certain degree, plenty of breeding but the fish didn't live very long nor get full sized before dying. For a while I had a cycle of fry growing up as adults died but eventually the m-f ratios failed and numbers soon decreased and if you don't have a decent sized group then your group quickly becomes one especially in a small tank. I wouldn't try it again.

I have had yellow labs in a few tanks with dark substrate and it works well, I think the Dems would have looked better on light substrate
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