mbipia lutea

Mbipia lutea. Photo by Dave Hansen.​

An interesting article has been added to the library section. The article, titled Mbipia lutea, tells of how a huge fan of Lake Victoria cichlids came across and managed to identify a species that had only recently been described. Greg Steeves is know in the hobby for his vast experience keeping many unusual and hard to find species from Lake Victoria. His Mbipia lutea article details how he realized he had what was at the time a difficult to find species. M. lutea has since become fairly common in the hobby in part due to its amazing colors, small size and incredible ability to reproduce. In the short time I kept this species, they reproduced prolifically starting at a very young age.

Check out the article in the Species Articles section of the library. To discuss this species, visit the Lake Victoria Basin, West African, Madagascar & Asian Species forum.