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I had a horrible experience yesterday while doing a routine water change of my 6 month old 75 gallon tank....Within minutes (5-10 to be exact) I lost an entire tank of healthy adult cichlids and catfish (23 total fish).

Fish were healthy and thriving....Even had a few yellow lab fry that survived and were starting to mingle with the larger fish.....Only losses before yesterday were aggression related when i began stocking.

Here are the steps I took and what I have done every week since the tank was established and stocked...

I normally do a 30% water change once a week but missed last week so I decided to do a 50% change (which i've done previously w/ no problems)
1) I removed 50% of the water
2) Added a capful and a half of Prime
3) Began to refill tank directly from tap (city water)
4) Walked away for 2-3 minutes and came back to notice the water was a lot more milky cloudy than normal
I immediately stopped the refill and added another cap of prime
At this point I started to panic as the fish were obviously stressed and gasping, began darting around and jumping out of the water
Within 5 minutes every single fish turned pale and deceased falling to the bottom of the tank.
Didn't know what to think at this point but started to notice the strong smell of chlorine....After checking with my neighbors they were experiencing the strong smell of chlorine from their taps also.

I plan on calling my local public works tomorrow to find out exactly, but there was obviously some kind of spike in chlorine levels at the time I did the water change.

Has anyone experienced a tragedy like this?....I will definitely be starting over but I'm not sure what my next steps should be.

Should I assume the beneficial bacteria on the decor and bio media has also been killed?

Can anyone recommend a filter or dechlorination method that can be added to my tap water so this cannot happen again?

Any advise on what to do next is greatly appreciated.
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