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marmalade cat [labeotropheus fuelleborni]

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im looking to buy a breeding group of marmalade cat's and i need to know wich other malawi cichlids are compatable...
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oh and i have a 50 gallon tank thats 48' long 13' wide and 17' high... i have everything else setup for malawi cichlids filter, ph, etc
It would be impossible to get a breeding group of marmalade cats. Marmalade cats are all male. :lol:

I would look into maybe a Labidochromis or Cynotilapia species. Otherwise, a dwarf species of Pseudotropheus.
lol my bad... what about the species labeotropheus fuelleborni [nakantenga] wich i found on the species form of this site.
First of all - I'd say good luck with getting some of them. I could be wrong, but I don't think there is much exportation from that location. I would look into Labeo. fuelleborni Katale - they are quite beautiful - and they are quite easily attainable at this time. I know for a fact there is at least one person in the Trading Post selling them, and there is also places like Aquabid that have them.

In this month's Photo Contest there is an example of what the males look like. The females are OB, and there are a few people that have the OB males (marmalade cats) that you are looking to get.

Hope this helps some.
i looked on the site and i think i found what your talking about [are they the orange and blue ones]
i can see the male is a really beautiful fish but i cant see a female except in the spawning picture but she's blurry... is the female orange like the male just without the blue?
Females are an orange color with black/blue blotches on the body. I'll upload photos of mine.
:eek: those are some of the most attracting females cichlids *** seen in a while ... nice job.. are they easy to combine with other species or are they vary picky about tank mates [i was thinking of a breeding group of p.saulosi]
Ps. saulosi will do fine with them - as I had those two together without any problems.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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