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Today I was at the LFS and seen the tank with Jungle Val, Hornwort, and some Amazon Sword in it and always wanted live plants in my tank. So after talking to the guy for a bit he said he would start with the Val and see how they do with my fish, but said that the Double Brights would be enough for them.

So I picked up one bunch and planted them in my sand substrate in the back left corner. Now I am looking at it and that is where the light falls off so to speak from my LED's. I know it says its a low light plant but with that light (36" model on 75g tank) do you think that it will do ok or will I be forced to move it directly under the light?

Do I have to add a fert for this plant?

Also I have a little strip light that takes a 18 inch bulb I could use if necessary but would rather not if I didnt have too.

First time experimenting with plants of any sort in the tank so have no clue what I am doing. Any help would be appreciated.
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