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Maingano,Labeo Fuelleborni,Yellow Tail Acei,Snow White Socolofi,Metriaclima Estherea(OB),Cyno Hara Sp.,Yellow Lab Caeruleus.,Rusty.

I got to 9 without any lookalikes,but I had to add larger,and more aggro fish to get there,like the Acei and Maingano.

I wanted to add Williamsi Blue Lip too,but I think the Rusty male might be a lookalike?

That was sorta tough to come up with an All Male,All Mbuna list.

That's not the hard part either.

The Hard part is keeping 9 Mbuna males in a 48''x12'' Lake.

I got away with it for awhile. It was a very awesome tank. But once I lost my 1st fish ,all hockey sticks broke loose.

Yes ,I tried this set up. No would not try it again. Thats me though.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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