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Just wondering if my 2 livingstonii are male or female. Requested males when purchased at about 2/3" from a reputable seller. Colours when received seemed male enough (blue faces) but haven't developed that full blue yet. Had them over a year and purchased at 2/3". I have a full mixed tank on mbuna/haps/peackocks who get on fine. My venustus has coloured up lovely and I'm sure the livingstonii are above him in the pecking order. Mbuna's are the tank bosses but don't hassle the haps one bit.

Are they just shook males or actually females, one of them does develop what looks like a small penis after a water change then digs up a cave to guard for a day or two, all whilst going lighter in colour. Tried to include as many pics as possible showing the color changes they do go thorough and the last few show them as juveniles.

Any help appreciated as always



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