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I have a 3 inch Hap species 44 (thickskin) that hasnt eaten at all for the last 4 days and very little the 3 days previous to that when i started treating the tank for ich with heat and salt. He seems listless at times but then seems to be ok and just chills under a rock. He shows no outward signs of sickness and the ich spots he had are gone and his flashing that he exhibited before has ceased. His color is faded generally but he still colors up when his mood changes as he has always done. His resting color does appear to be slightly washed out more than normal but not completely gone. I am wondering about there tolerance to heat because every other fish in the tank is just fine, a little more aggresion than normal but I havent seen any other fish chasing him around at all. The few times he has acted interested in the food he just swims in the middle of the group and lets food get picked off all around while he looks completely disinterested. None of the other fish chase him off or anything.
Tank parameters:
86 degree water since 9-12
48tbs (3 tbs per 5 gallons) of aquarium salt added gradually between 9-12 and 9-13
PH 8.0
GH 220
KH 200
Ammonia -0
Nitrite -0
Nitrate 10-20ppm
50% Water change on 9-14 (my normal weekly routine)
Filstar xp2 and xp3 filters both with output set at surface for maximum disturbance for oxygenation

Tankmates are as follows:

Ruby red peacock
Dragon blood peacock
Apache peacock
Ruby green hap
Starry night
Yellow Labidichromis
Texas cichlid
EB acara
Salvini cichlid
Featherfin catfish

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