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Male apisto died. Female is alone. Now what?

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My male apisto aggassizi recently died, leaving a single female in my 30-gallon community tank with tetras, one angel, cories, BN). My LFS and other sites I've seen only sell pairs. Do I get a pair and thus have a harem? Or do I try to find a single male somehow? I don't care about breeding. I'm just striving for harmony . . .
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most apisto's prefer a harem.
agree with naegling23. Go the trio.
You could easily add another pair to create a trio and they should do fine. You could also just leave the lone female in the community and she will be fine. However, you would then miss out on the pleasures of observing much Apisto behaviour.

Thanks! Just wanted to be sure it would be OK.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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