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I have a 125 gal tank, forgot the exact dimension but its pretty wide and long. I understand that haps (non-mbunas) and mbunas should not be in the same tank mainly because for different food and habitat requirements.(I don't really care about the food difference that much as i had success feeding both types a variety of food with an emphasis on their respective preferences). However, I am thinking of recreating my tank into a mini Lake Malawi with a lot of rocks on the sides for the Mbunas and a open area in the middle for the haps. Has anyone else tried this and will the Mbunas actually stay in the rocks? and the haps away, as the do in their natural environment. Or will my tank just look dumb.
P.S. I am not planning to "overstock" my tank, any fish that will go in there would be carefully selected from my other tanks. Also the Haps will be bigger than the Mbnas.
Plan on 10 Mbunas (1 -2 in each) and 5-6 med sized haps.
Thank you
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