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M. Msobo group stocking in mbuna tank

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I have a relatively young mbuna set up in my 5ft tank (soon 2 be updraded). Its mainly a male display with a group of p. acei and Lab caeruleus and the rest being male afra cubue, c. pulpican, m. aurora, lab hongi, p. demasoni etc. I am thinking of adding a group of young metriaclima msobo. The tank i am upgrading to will be 180 gallon and has lots of rockwork. The msobo's would be smaller then a few of my established males. Will my msobo be fine growing up in their group of say 6 and then breeding or so you think a dominant male mbuna already in the tank take to a female as soon as he can? If any of you guys have had experience with a situation liek this please help.

Alternatively maybe i could get the group and purchase a male that is larger then any other male in the tank... thoughts?
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The smaller Mbuna will be okay. As for the worry that another male may breed with Msobo females, that is always a possibility. There is no perfect solution in a group tank like that.
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