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Low Maintenance Planted Tank

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I have a low maintenance planted 90 gallon tank. It was previously a Yellow Lab/Hap tank, but some of the inhabitants got too big/aggressive, and I rehomed all with a breeder.

My current setup is about 3 years old and has Bolivian Rams, Rummynose Tetras, Cardinal Tetras, etc.

The tank is planted with Cryps, Anubias and Java Fern. The Java Fern is growing on driftwood.

I've been trying to grow the Anubias on more driftwood, but the tank is getting a little cluttered. I want to take some of the driftwood out and decorate with some large rocks instead. This will clean up the bottom a bit so that deitrus doesn't accumulate under the driftwood. I also have a problem with cyanobacteria, so I think that uncluttering the tank will improve the water flow.

My question is if there is a way to grow Anubias without attaching them to driftwood? I've heard of hanging pieces of corkboard and attaching plants to them. Has anyone done this?

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My anubias grow in my substrate (eco complete...the gravel one). Just make sure that the ryzome is above the substrate and push the roots into the gravel.
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