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Lots of pics but not best quality. Some sort of Mbuna

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Its hard to get the little guy to come out.

His stripes are close together and he's dark blue.
The head is a dark purple color.[/img]
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Hard to be sure but judging by the horizontal stripe going through the uneven barring, I would guess a hybrid of some sort.

Probably a M. lombardoi and something else. Did you happen to buy him at a big box store or out of an "Assorted Africans/Cichlids" tank?
Thats exactly where I got him.
darkenedkaven said:
Thats exactly where I got him.
Then I don't need to see any more pictures, it's a hybrid.
Do you think he'd probably be ok with some malawi tankmates?
Hybrids are hard to predict. Most of the time they are on the aggressive side but it varies. What are the other tank mates and what size is the tank?
I have a Kenyi itself and they are both 1inch. I'm putting them in a 55g when I get my first paycheck.
right now its a 10. Only because it was a free tank.
I'm not sure I would put this fish with M. lombardoi. This fish is at least partially M. lombardoi and either may not fare well with the other. I normally don't recommend M. lombardoi for a 55 gallon anyway, a 75 gallon is a much better start for them.

I would try stocking your tank with some much lesser aggressive species and keep a close eye on these two.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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