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Lots of Flowerhorn Pics!

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Hi all,

My wife just got back last week from a trip to Taiwan (her mother is from there). Last time we were there I saw some of the most amazing flowerhorns I have ever seen. So I ask her to take some pics if she could get back to the spot where we saw them. She wasn't able to get to the some place this time but did go to a different pet shop. I will say that these don't look as nice or as big as the others but I still wanted to share these pics with all of you. Here they are:

This one is listed for 9,999 NT (~ $300):

She said that these were not as big (the biggest around 10 inches). I hope you guys and gals enjoy these pics and I just wish you could have seen the ones from when I went a few years ago.
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My buddy has 2 flower horns in a tank and threw a hybrid red zebra in with them. For two days there dumb, slow, retarded selves could not catch him. He is now part of the duo and swims next to them and they dont bother him at all. Kinda funny those fish are weird.
Ya, I don't know what I think of flowerhorns. I know that if some people had their way they would not be in our hobby. Especially because they seem to be stamping out other real species like Trimacs. Having said that I do think that they can be really cool looking fish. So I guess as long as people know what they are getting with these fish I personally don't have a problem with them. I mostly just wanted to share these pics because they are very popular, especially in Asian areas. It is shocking to see what a good one goes for over there.
Man, I thought that I would get a few more replies with this one, especially from some of your FH experts. Oh well, better luck next time.
the kok is great on them, but it lacks color and pearls like mad, to bad, oh well, a large kok makes up for everything! hehe.

the second one is ugly though :(

second last one is the best, it has kok and color.

nice flowerhorns, but over priced, i could find one twice as nice for te price hehe, nice though.
Beautiful fish... Ugly price tag...
:eek: :eek: :eek: I LOVE that $300 one. Maybe it's a lot of money but that fish is beautiful!!! I haven't seen one with that kind of coloring and a flowerline too. Thanks for sharing with us.

From the ones I saw the time I went and from what these pictures are showing I think that they seem to breed them for different traits than here in the U.S. The flowerhorns over there seem to be bred mainly just for large kok and different colors and patterns. From what I have seen they really don't value the pearl nearly as much. I think that the $300 orange one is a great example of this.

lil mama,

I believe that my wife told me that the one listed at $300 was only like 6-7" long. I really wanted her to go back to the place that we went the time I had gone over there. Some of the flowerhorns at the place I went to even had official papers (like when you breed dogs). Plus they were much larger that the ones in the above pictures. I remember one they were selling for over $1,000. I could get a really nice tank and set up for that much and still have $ left over to get some great cichlids. :lol:
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