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So, after 3 months of set up and changing fish to set up an all male Mbuna tank, it is looking pretty good! And even more importantly the fish are interacting pretty well and everything seems very stble. Soooo... I thought I would share some pictures I took. Some of the fish seem more photogenic than others, and some f these pictures really don't show off the beauty of each fish. I will share more in the future when I get better ones.

Pseudotropheus sp. 'Williamsi North' Makonde
Name: Blue Lips
His spots are starting to fade although he brought them out strong for the camera!

Pseudotropheus acei Msuli (2)
Names: 86 and 99

Pseudotropheus acei Ngara (2)
Names: ???
These are still only little guys

Metriaclima esterae OB (2)
Names: Redfish and Shellie
There are two of these in the tank and it is really not a good thing. At this point they are stable and because they are my boyfriends favorite fish, we are keeping them for now.

Metriaclima Mbweca
Name: ???
He is a little beat up from another fish but healing well. The other fish needed to be removed.

Labidochromis Mbamba
Name: BamBam

Labidochromis Pallidus
Name: Buddy

Labidochromis perlmutt Rhodes Island
Name: Pearl
This fish is not photogenic. He is a stunning fish, but unfortunately the pictures do not show this off!

Labidochromis chisumulae Chizumulu Island
Name: ChiChi
This fish gets pale when the camera comes out and his dark stripes are almost not noticable.

Labidochromis caeruleus
Name: YAHF
He is a really agressive fish for a yellow lab!

Cynotilapia sp 'Hara' Gallireya Reef
Name: Bluefish
I have no good pictures of him. When he decides to show off he is simply stunning, really pale with dark blue thin bands.

Cynotilapia afra Cobue albino
Name: Al
This is a very sweet and shy fish.

Cynotilapia sp. 'Lion' Mara rocks
Name: Leo
Also a really sweet fish.

Also in the tank are 4 Synodontis Lucipinnis (I need to get some updated pictures and will post them when I do.)

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The P. Williamsi North is a very sweet fish. He will occassionally chase the C. Lion. I am guessing due to similar coloring. But, he never chases for more than a couple of seconds and is never more agressive. He is a pig when it comes to food though. He is always the last trying to find any scraps that settle on the gravel too. He is definitely one of the favorites in the tank for personality. I am pretty sure the supplier I got him from has some more if you are interested.
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