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TheFishGuy said:
Thus far I have not been able to tell the difference with mine, though some are obvious most are not. That being said I've got a very low mortality rate which makes things a bit easier allowing me to wait longer until all are obvious...
How old are your fry now? 4 weeks? I would think you can be able to tell them about soon. I've only had one other batch of EBJD fry and I think it was about 4-5 weeks you could easily tell them apart. The fry stayed pretty yellow and the striping was very different. Separating them was a pain in the butt though.

TheFishGuy said:
Personally I would have moved the parents out of what ever tanks they were in and left the fry...
Not enough tanks to pull the parents and keep all the fry in separate tanks and I'm up to 10 tanks and the wife will divorce me if I add more tanks. :oops:
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