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They inahbit south america, panama, and costa rica. So, yes, they do.

Here is a list of most if not all the ones that orinigate from central america:
Ancistrus chagsresi
Ancistrus maculatus
Ancistrus spinosus
Chaetostoma fischeri
Crossoloricaria variegata
Dasyloricaria latiura
Dasyloricaria tuyrensis
Hemiancistrus aspidolepis
Hypostomus panamensis
Lasiancistrus planiceps
Leptoancistrus canensis
Rineloricaria altipinnis
Rineloricaria uracantha
Spatuloricaria fimbriata
Sturisoma dariense
Sturisoma panamense
Sturisomatichthys citurensis
Hypostomus panamensis
Rineloricaria uracantha
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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