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Looking to add cichlids to 112g SA

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Hi everyone,

my aquarium contains 450 liter/ 118 gallon and is 1.5m/4.9 ft long, 50cm/1.64 ft deep and 60cm/ 1.96 ff high.
Current inhabitants are 11 rummynose, 6 sterbai and 1 bristlenose.
I am looking to add some cichlids as the main attraction, and my current idea is to either have a crew of 6 keyholes in there, OR a couple of Krobia Xinguensis, OR a couple of Krobia with a couple of Electric Blue Acara. The main idea is to have a relatively peaceful community tank…
I wonder If the bottom area of the aquarium would be overcrowded? I believe these cichlids all live near the bottom, don’t they?
Would these cichlids actually work well together?
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Thanks to all for the replies.
Maybe the electric blue acara is a bit of a liability with regards to diet and peace… can cross that off the list.
Will definitely research h multispinosa rainbow! Might be a nice option too.

Thanks for the advice everyone.
Nice! Thanks!

Would there be any argument against a couple/ group of keyholes with forementioned festivums? Or: a couple of Krobia Xinguensis with festivums?

From what I can find: all three are (relatively) peaceful, with the keyholes/ Krobia's are more mid and bottom of the aquarium and the Festivums more mid/ top.
Seems that with all three cichlids the rummy's are safe. They all don't eat plants.
The only thing that would be a problem with option 1 is the amount of fish I'll have to add... the Festivum and Keyholes would need at least 6, right?
After your input I'm basically left with two options now: either 4 keyholes with 6 Festivum, or 2 Krobia's with 6 Festivum. I'm taking this weekend to make a decision. Thank you so much!
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Went to the LFS this morning, looked at the keyholes but some really nice Krobia Xinguensis caught my eye.
A couple is now still hiding in my tank ;)

That’s the start. I’m going to let them adapt for a week, and next week I’ll add the Festivum.
Thanks all for the advice!
Just got my six Festivum in there. Only 1.5 inches long but straight away very active and they bring out the Kobria’s as well. Loving it.
Thanks for the input, people.
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