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Hello. I had an outbreak of Columnaris and finally stopped it, I think. I lost about seven nice, large cichlids, but I think I probably saved the rest of my 180 gallon tank from dying off. I eventually removed four of my nicer fish that hadn't died to a 40 gallon hospital tank, added a tablespoon of salt per five gallons, ran a five-day course of Marcyn 2, Pimafix and Melafix, plus fed Jungle Food with Antibiotic in it. Seems that the disease stopped spreading and the fish are doing ok, but I have severe fish damage that I don't know how to repair or get to heal. I have one very large Peacock that completely lost his tail and much of his dorsal fin, and the tail and dorsal area is left with nothing but raw meat, it seems. I also have two other fish that have less damage, but still have raw areas. They have been raw for a couple weeks and don't seem to be healing over. I've used Stress Coat, Prime and salt, hoping to speed the process... If anyone has any input, I'd appreciate it. I'd like to get them back in my display tank, but I'm scared to yet.

Here are some photos:

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