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Looking for a good heater that will fit in a Juwel filter

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Hi i am looking for a good heater to replace my Juwel heater but i would prefer one that could fir into the speace for a heater inside the Juwel Internal Filter.

I have bought a Hagen Elite for it but i am unhappy because it is very unacurate when it is set at 24 it is heating the water to 27 and when it is set at 27 it is heating the water to 30 once it has hit whatever temp it is constant but i just don't like it being unacurate against what it is set at on the heater.

Any suggestions?
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Why not replace it with an original juwel heater? They are as good as other heaters...
Over the years, I've noticed that alot of heaters of different makes don't actually heat the water to the temperature set on it but they still remain constant.
I have one heater that I have to set to 24°C to get an actual temp of 26°C (coincidentally also a Hagen Elite!), another Jager one shows 1.5°C difference.
The important thing is for the heater to keep a constant temperature.
So as long as you know you have to set the heater reading to 3°C lower than the actual temp you want, there shouldn't really be a problem. Once it's set, that's it.
I also use two thermometers in each tank ( a digital and a standard liquid one.)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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