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So I decided it was time to go at a bunch of my females last night! All but one chailosi (which I left alone at only 12 days) have been holding for 17-23 days. I stripped 1 demasoni, 2 yellow labs, 1 ps. chailosi, 1 albino socolofi, and my albino OB red zebra! So here's the tally:

16 demasoni
38 labs (16 & 22)
19 chailosi
14 socolofi
17 albino OB red zebra

Moms are all in the hospital and recovering well!

Add in the 3 week old 27 Met. Msobo and 26 Polit, and well... :dancing: Store credit, here I come! (seems I'll be needing a few more tanks!)

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The babies survive if you let the mom's spit naturally, but not if you leave them in the adult tank. The adults eat the babies instantly.
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