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Has this ever happened to anyone?

I have a female Lombardoi that is holding now for the third time in about six months. The earlier two times she held for about two weeks and then would start eating again. I never witnessed the breeding but the tank is just Lab/Zebra hybrids, Saulosi, and the one Lombardoi so I assume it was a male Saulosi since they are both striped.

As a disclaimer I all ready know that having a Lombardoi in the tank isn't ideal, I am willing to rehouse it if it becomes a problem. I also will never let any hybrid fish leave my house (unless I move to a new one) ect. That being said I don't want this to turn into another thread that starts off interesting than gets locked.

Because the fish has held twice all ready and is just by virtue of its species and size the most dominant fish in the tank I don't think it would consume its own eggs out of being stressed by the other fish. This is making me think that this particular fish cross is not genetically viable, even though I am pretty sure I have seen other people's Metriaclima x Pseudotropheus crosses.

To reduce the post to a single question: Has anyone else had these two species cross before?
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