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Loading a canister filter

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I posted a message asking which media should go into the canister filter, now I have been reading a bunch about "loading" the canister filter, how is this done? I assume its setting up the water suction but I was hoping someone could put some insight into this for me.

Fluval 305 by the way
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I meant prime, not load, sorry.
Ah it's pretty simple really.

Priming the filter is just starting the syphon off through the filter inlet by using the little pump on top of the filter - to the left of the flow rate adjuster.

1. Set filter up in desired location (take your time getting the hose length right), I position my filter inlets on the left and the outlets on the right, pointing so they push the water towards the front pane, slightly facing left so the water is pushed in a clockwise direction. I find this gives a good flow to the tank.

2. Fill up tank, dechlorinate, check all hose to filter connections, make sure filters o-ring seal is snug, ensure flow control lever is fully open (and obviously media is in the canister.)

3. Start pumping until you hear the water trickling into the canister! It can take a while the first time but it's usually pretty quick and reliable, sometimes you'll have to pump like to mad to get it going but I found this more on the smaller filters.

4. Once it starts running into the filter just sit tight! You'll see the air escaping from the filter outlet and the water level of the tank dropping, keep checking around the filter to make sure there are no leaks!

5. Refill tank to level.

6. Assuming all is good give the filter a little rock back and forth to help shake the air up and out, leave it alone for 10 mins apart from the occasionally gentle rock.

7. Switch it on! It's not unusual for it to purge a fair bit of air and for the first day or two I find that giving it a gentle rock every now and again gets it all out. But after the initial spluttering as it chugs through big bubbles it calms down (5-10 mins or so). If it sounds like the motor is running dry or the level isn't quite full (it won't be a quiet hum) then turn it off at the plug, give it a rock and switch it back on, usually solves it,

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Great, thank you
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