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little bugs on water

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I just noticed today when I went to feed my fish that there are tiny white bugs jumping on top of the water. Does anyone know what they are and if they are bad.

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there are springtails and critters like that who will show up and live happily in aquariums... sometimes more surface agitation will get rid of them...
Well Usually most bugs aren't harmful to the aquarium. If you are still shaky about keeping them in your tank you could remove them with a fine net or something of the sort. However cichlids wouldn't mind eating a bug or two I know people that feed cichlids grasshoppers and other insects deliberately.
I have these too. I know exactly what you are talking about. They are almost too small to see, like fleas or something. Never did any harm to my tank....I think they made me itch a few times after cleaning the tank though.
If they are that small its likely that they're some form of spring tail and are completely harmless! :thumb:
Well, you have to figure they eat a bunch of bugs in the wild don't they?
I just did a water change and the bugs are gone.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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