An amazing video of the Liquid Rainbow River of Colombia by Ivan Mikolji.

The Liquid Rainbow River, or Caño Cristales, runs through an isolated mountain range in the center of Colombia. For a brief period each year the river explodes with colors ranging from reds, pinks and yellows thanks to a unique plant growing on the rocks. The video above details some of the efforts to preserve not only the river, but the wildlife around it. The video is narrated in Spanish so make sure to turn on the closed captions.

The video shows a few cichlid species living in Caño Cristales including Apistogramma alacrina, Aequidens and Crenicichla species. The underwater scenery is fantastic. To discuss the species in the video visit the South American Cichlids forum.

liquid rainbow river

Female Apistogramma alacrina. Screen capture for video.​