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Lights minus algae?

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While browsing our Library for any articles that I hadn't read yet, I came across the lighting post by Dr. Timothy A. Hovanec. In it he states "If, for seemingly no reason, your aquarium starts to grow algae, think about when was your last lamp change? If it was over 6 to 8 months, consider that the lamp's spectrum may have shifted and the lamp needs changing."
In my 29g Tang tank I do not have any kind of algae-eater. Twice I have tried plecostomus that have not made it, one being a $35 albino long fin B/N, so I quit trying... resorting to pulling the rocks / shells and scrubbing them monthly.
Is there a color temp of light that I can look for that DOESN'T grow algae? I thought any color light with descent intensity would grow brown, then if strong enough later green algea.

P.S. I have a healthy B/N plec in my Mbuna tank who works hard to keep it clean, and all of my backgrounds are painted black, just as an FYI.
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8) Just a guess here but your problem might have less to do w/ intensity or spectrum & more to w/ duration. Since you don't have live plants, there's no need for long periods of light. (they see fine w/ none). Try decreasing the duration & see if the growth decreases. "T"
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