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Good morning/afternoon!
(New to this forum)

I've been out of the aquarium hobby since '13 due to frequent moves but recent bought a house and ready to jump back in. I am setting up a RR 120g (48"x24"x24), already built my first sump out of 40g breeder so now ready to fill the system and start cycling it (already gave a couple bags of media to a friend to get them going). My questions (at this point) are more towards lighting. I've had 55 & 75 tanks in the past and just used fluorescent lighting but I'd like to go LED on this set up. My concern is light penetration since this is a taller tank than what I've had in the past. The features that I want is a timer and ramp up/down functions. Any suggestions/recommendations?

Ones I've found thus far: ... quantity=1 ... ture-48-in ... -led-light

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