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Just in the process of getting a new LED lamp for my 70 litre tank.

This is usually a hospital tank, but has been happily inhabited by a 4.5 year old Kribensis female. She just likes having her own space.
In the meantime, I’ve been using this battery-operated LED light on top of her tank to ensure the wisteria is getting some light as well. I’ve been doing this for three days and she really seems to be happy with it.
If our tanks are low stocked and low planted, does anyone think this is a bad idea for permanent? Surely if I leave this on for 8 hours a day, it will provide herself and the wisteria plant with enough light?

(Plants are lightly dosed with Liquid Excel, every other day or in a water change)
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That little tank should work great (is working?) for keeping your Pelvicachromis pulcher, Krib Cichlid. As for the plant thing with the little battery powered light and the Hygrophila difformis, aquatic wisteria? It might require a bit more lighting to grow well for you than the little battery powered LED one can provide.
Plus, it's possible that the batteries will start to weaken/die over time, reducing the intensity of the light even further (though it may seem perfectly bright to your eyes). And also with plant lights, I've found that they work best if kept on timers. Turning those things on and off each day can grow old after while.
  • Get a plug-in light for the tank, and set it up with a timer.
  • Get more plants! More Wisteria would be good. But, I'd recommend getting some Anubias as well. A couple of those tied off (or glued down) onto a piece of lava rock or bog wood would look great.
Otherwise, it's looking good! :cool:
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