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Leleupi with paracyps

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Anybody kept a trio of leleupi with paracyps? I have a 37 gal (36") and have built a tall rocky structure using very holey base rock - it has quite a lot of small arches and caves, nearly all the way to the top of the tank. Otherwise aragonite sand and that's it.

I'm looking at a trio of P. nigripinnis, which "ought" to occupy the upper structures of the rockwork, and the leleupi the lower. I know the nigripinnis will tend to hug the rocks, but there ought to be plenty for them. All fish would go in the tank as juvies at (nearly) the same time so nobody will have already established territory or begun breeding.

Anyone keeping this combination? I have kept a colony of leleupi before with Buenos Aires tetras and it worked out well for years. Never kept paracyps before.
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Haven't tried it personally, but have to say I am very suspicious. Leleupi are fairly high on the aggression spectrum, while paracyps are about the most calm, peaceful fish you'll find. It just doesn't seem like a good mix.

Even if the leleupi don't brutalize/kill the paracyps, I just can't imagine the paracyps will feel comfortable.
I think you might be right. Leleupi are spunky!

Maybe I'll do BA tetras again, lol. I really wanted some sort of Tanganyikan, but it is a relatively small tank (tall with a small footprint) so I don't have a lot of options.
I'm not sure I'd try it, but right now my paracyps are holding their own in a 48" tank with breeding J. regani. Julies stick a bit closer to their territories than leleupi in my experience, and that extra 12" can make a big difference.

Also- paracyps should be kept in larger groups. I think a trio would be a disaster waiting to happen. If you decide to try the combo, get at least 6 paracyps (3-4 females if possible). My breeding group has about 20 right now, and the male paracyps are larger than the regani.

What about gobies or another spunky rock-dweller?
triscuit said:
What about gobies or another spunky rock-dweller?
Gobies would be great (love em!), and I can always find julies locally, but I assumed they'd be competing too directly and conflict with the leleupi. I've got large groups of calvus and comps in my 150 so I'd like something else for this tank. I'm open to suggestions, though!
Equally matched rock dwellers can coexist in a 36" tank if properly aquascaped. Although that leaves no room for any other cichlid.

I'd recommend a larger julie (dickfieldi, regani or marlieri), and get both groups settled before either starts to breed.

Gobies- start with adults (5 in order to get a pair) if your leleupi are more than 2" long... and provide high, flat shelves for them to perch on.

Chalinochromis, or a big shelly (hecqui, for example) are also potential tankmates.
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