led retrofit

LED retrofit kit by Elive.​

As traditional lighting like incandescent or fluorescent is being replaced by more energy efficient LED lights, it is no surprise that it will become the norm in aquariums. In the past conversions were done between older T12 bulbs to smaller and more efficient T8 or T5 fluorescent tubes. When LED lights become more common the dilemma was between buying an expensive new lighting fixture or undertaking a long and sometimes difficult DIY project. Here is a DIY LED Conversion article by David Fair. Fortunately LED retrofit kits have become more user friendly.

Products like Elive's Elite LED tubes make LED retrofits as easy as replacing a fluorescent bulb. Just insert the LED tube into the existing fluorescent sockets, attach a couple supports and your done. Other retrofit kits are also simple, but don't use the existing fluorescent sockets. Instead they are attached to the underside of the fixture with screws. To discuss LED retrofit kits visit the Equipment and Supplies forum.