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Last check on stocking before ordering fish

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This is what I have decided to stock in my standard 75 gallon and I just wanted to have one last check to make sure all of these are compatible and the numbers are okay for aquarium size. My goal is a relatively peaceful mbuna setup:

8 Labidochromic caeruleus
8 Pseudotropheus acei Yellow Tail
8 Iodotropheus sprengare (Rusties)
5 Synodontis lucipinnis (dwarf petricolas)
1 BN pleco

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The person I am ordering from offered me this suggestion also for the 75 gallon:

8 Labidochromis caeruleus

8 Pseudotropheus acei Ngara

6 Protomelas steveni Taiwan Reef.

What about this? I will decide between the list in my first post and this. Thanks.

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I prefer first one.As it will be complete mbuna setup.

The second one has taiwan reef which may be little big for 75g and may be stressed by mbuna.
Go with the first. You could potentially add 1 male adult RE to the mix, too.
id get more than 1 BN pleco especially with mbuna.*** always started new tanks with 4-5 little guys...mbuna can be rough on plecos.
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