Lamprologus congoensis

Young Lamprologus congoensis. Photo by Dave Hansen​

Lamprologus congoensis is a rheophile (likes fast moving waters) found in various locations of the Congo River in both the Republic of the Congo and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. It thrives in the fast-moving, highly-oxygenated parts of rivers. L. congoensis' body is streamlined to cope with the fast moving waters and their swim bladder is small to reduce buoyancy. Information on their behavior in the wild is limited due to the difficulty in observing them in the river.

In the aquarium, Lamprologus congoensis is highly aggressive and requires a large footprint tank. Tankmates should be carefully chosen in order to withstand their aggression. An effort should be made to provide adequate water movement not only to make them comfortable but also to increase oxygenation. The article Setting up a Rheophilic Tank by Dave Hansen gives some tips. To discuss L. congoensis visit the West African Species forum.