A show tank that not only looks beautiful but also demonstrates how best to keep several aggressive species of Lake Malawi mbuna together.

Years ago I learned a hard lesson about keeping mbuna. While many species of mbuna are relatively small, often they are also very aggressive. Case in point is the Pseudotropheus demasoni. This dwarf mbuna may be small, but it packs a punch and its aggression can make it difficult to keep if the conditions aren't right.

The tank above is a great example of how to keep aggressive Lake Malawi mbuna. Pseudotropheus demasoni, Labeotropheus trewavasae and Metriaclima sp. Membe Deep are all known to be aggressive, especially with others of the same species. The key to a great looking, health and active mbuna tank is a large footprint and to pack them in. Sub dominant fish need to have room to run and by having lots of fish, the most aggressive fish have many targets and no one fish is singled out. There is also a theory that it is best to only have one defined territory as opposed to two or more separate rock formation. Anyway, enjoy the video and if you wish to discuss keeping aggressive mbuna, make sure to visit the Lake Malawi species forum. A special thanks to Adam Klimczak (Iggy Newcastle on the forum) for another great video. You can view more of Adam's videos on his AJK Aquaria YouTube channel.