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Lake Malawi Cichlid breeding cycle

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I purchased a Lake Malawi chichlid in December. With the help of a friend who has a tank full of cichilds, I was able to get my tank cycled very quicly - practically zero levels of amonia/amonium, nitrate and nitrite. I change 20% of the tank water every two weeks. The fish is and always has been very healthy and active.

In late March the fish, suddenly, stopped eating. This occurred about a week after we noticed that the fish had dug a depression in the gravel. We also noticed that the fish's normal behavior of opening and closing its mouth ("gaping") had also stopped. About eight days later the fish went back to all of its normal behaviors, including its insatiable desire for food. We concluded that the change in behavior was due to the fish having eggs in her mouth (no other fish in the tank so no fertilization).

Well, yesterday we noticed a repeat performance - stopped eating, new depression dug in gravel, no "gaping", etc.

My question - is it possible that the fish is trying to spawn within a month of its first attempt?

Thanks, in advance.
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As long as the water quality is to her liking (which it seems to be) and she is getting enough nutrition to grow the eggs, she can produce them on a monthly basis. Some species can turn it around even faster, but in my experience its seems about once a month. Even when they eggs are fertilized they turn it around pretty quick if the , I have a couple of females that seem to be holding again only a week after having released the fry. I try to strip those really early every 3rd or 4th time (I don't keept those eggs) and keep them separated form the males for a few weeks to allow them to eat for a while so they don't loose weight.
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