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Lace rock PH question

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My tap water already has high PH (8.2-8.4). Im putting lace rock in my tank but thats supposed to raise the PH. Since I already have high PH will it just keep the PH steady or will it raise it even higher?
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Just keep checking your PH every week until it is stable.
The pH will not increase once it has reached the equilibrium point for the strongest base or acid that is dissolving into the water. I have lace rock in my tank and I also have high pH tap water. I have not seen any pH increase in the tank. I believe that lace rock will only increase the pH if it starts at a comparatively low value, say less than 7.5. If the water pH is already in the alkaline range (above 8.0) then the lace rock will not dissolve and no pH change should occur.

Of course, you should check all your critical water parameters periodically, especially in a new tank or after a major change in your setup, to verify that all is well.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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