Labrochromis ishmaeli

Labrochromis ishmaeli. Photo by Greg Steeves​

This rare snail-eating cichlid from Lake Victoria is not only rare in the hobby, but thought to be extinct in the wild. Often confused with Haplochromis sp. 44, Labrochromis ishmaeli is believed to have originally inhabited the sandy-bottom waters of Mwanza Gulf in southern Lake Victoria.

Due to the often muted colors of the males and the always plain females, this species never gained much popularity in the hobby. Anyone interested in keeping a rare cichlid that is probably extinct in the wild, Labrochromis ishmaeli is a must-get fish if the opportunity arises. This cichlids can reach almost 6 inches and is peaceful when not spawning. Keeping L. ishmaeli in a tank by themselves is recommended, especially if you hope to breed them. For more information about this species visit the Labrochromis ishmaeli article by Greg Steeves. Discussion can be done in the Lake Victoria Basin forum.