Labidochromis sp

Labidochromis sp. "gigas pombo". Photo by Ad Konings​

No widely known or available, Labidochromis sp. "gigas pombo" is a Lake Malawi mbuna that shares similarities with some popular species in the hobby. L. sp. "gigas pombo" is from the same genus as the ever popular Labidochromis caeruleus and can be found on Pombo Rocks, the same collection point as Pseudotropheus demasoni.

In the wild, Labidochromis sp. "gigas pombo" spends its time in rocky areas feeding on algae and invertebrates. L. sp. "gigas pombo" is isolated from other groups Labidochromis. This isolation is what has probably led to the many different variants of Labidochromis, many of which have not been officially described. To see the many different forms of this genus, visit the Species Profiles. To discuss this species and any other Labidochromis visit the Lake Malawi Species forum.