Labidochromis profiles

The Labidochromis profiles have received a much needed update. Around 30 different species and variants have been added, including all in the wild photos! Most hobbyists know the popular Labidochromis caeruleus. Its striking yellow body contrasted by the black fins make an excellent addition to most Lake Malawi tanks. Not only does this fish look great, but its less aggressive temperament means that it can fit in with a variety of fish.

Ironically, L. caeruleus is only one of many colorful Labidochromis found in Lake Malawi. Although most of the other species and variants in this genus aren't as common in the hobby, many can still be found. To see the variety of species available, take a look through the Profiles page. If you spot something you might be interested in keeping, keep an eye out at your local auction or with your favorite retailer.