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Labidochromis caeruleus

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What is up with Yellow Labido’s these day’s?????

I have seen some nice quality labs, but the ones in the pet stores are TERRIBLE… (it seems to be world wide)…

Hybridization and poor breeding has made it very difficult to find quality labs anymore…. And it seems to be getting worse…

It makes me appreciative to have the strain that I have… And their not the best I’ve ever seen...

Anyone else care to vent……..Feel free…….

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I'm waiting for some F1's to grow out.

I feel your pain. :thumb:

I will not purchase another Yellow lab at any LFS...Ever...

I agree the quality has dropped significantly.Over here I often see whole batches of very poor labs.I returned to keeping malawis after an absence of approx. 5 years and have been appauled by both quality and price of labs available ( 9 GBP - about $18 ? )for a 2.5" fish!!!!!
I think a lot of this is due to the fact that they are easily bred and readily sold.I was lucky to get nice specimens, and am giving the fry the best possible start to hopefully release some quality fish back to the local market - good food 5 times a day and 50% water changes daily. Fry with a poor start to life will never be good quality IMO, they never truly recover.

Dad in breeding dress (poor phone pic, but you get the idea)

8 week old fry

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I am the victim to some very poor quality labs :(

1st set is from Petsmart where now I know they are a cross with a red zebra

2nd set is from a LFS but they have horrible barring and have black in places that there shouldn't be.

Both were from when I was starting out in the hobby and really didn't know any better.

Oh where oh where have all the quality labs gone?!
Kim i would love to get my hands on your F1 fry but i cant justify a large cost on yellow labs because it would be hard to get the return out of such a common fish..
yes i agree that the yellow labs from the lfs and chain stores are getting worst. that is why i purchased my labs from local breeder that have excellent strain. my uncle bought some bright good looking yellow labs at a lfs a few months back. but after a month his labs got these ugly black barrings on them. and their color turn from a bright yellow into a dark dark dark yellow. kinda like a light brown. they must be hybrids.

these are my F2 LABS i wanted to share with all of you

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mmmm..... in London they quality can be very good depending on the shop. I'm from the US originally and I don't think the UK has the massive chains that the us does. of course there are poor quality in terms of barring and estherae crosses but it was easy for me to find good fish without going WC fields.

I have the same complaint!

I have a group of labs I got from my LFS that are not good! One actually has a blue face, who knows what it's a hybrid's also VERY aggressive. I also have one that's so very dark it's almost brown. Considering I wanted to do a species tank its disappointing.
Im sure there are plenty of breeders here in the US with nice labs,

I just wish the local stores would stop buying, and selling these crappy ones...

i dont really think the lfs cares if we get good labs or not. as long as people buy it and as long as they get their money, they are gonig to keep buying those low qualities labs.
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