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krib fry dissapearing?

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my kribs have done this the past 2 times. when the batch hatches and for a couple days after there are a lot of babies but then eventually they end up going down to about 6 or so. where are they going and why?

P.S i have no other fish in there just plecos
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How often do your kribs spawn. They will pick off fry if they are going to spawn again.
Also plecos are bad for breeding. They will eat eggs faster then any other fish. Night time comes and out on the prowl they are. My kribs would spawn and raise the fry , I would remove them and they would spawn again but would eat the eggs. They are pretty weird about the way they do business. It's like if I see the eggs before they hatch they will eat them. I just give them their privacy and let nature takes it course.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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