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King Kong Parrot behavior problems?

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I recently purchased a King Kong Parrot from a local pet store. He appears to be about 2 years old, 7 inches long and in good (looking) health. I brought him home on Saturday and he still refuses to eat unless a piece of food floats right into his face.

He also appears "pouty"? And does "barrel rolls".

55 gallon tank, running for about 6 months now. PH, Ammonia, nitrates and nitrites are fine.

Tank mates: All smaller, all under 4 inches
2 Flowerhorns
Green Terror
Blue Ahli
Jack Dempsey

Is it something I'm doing wrong? Does he need more space? Any ideas? Been feeding them krill and normal pellets. He won't touch the pellets.
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I don't know enough about this particular species to know what's normal for them but generally speaking it's not unusual for a new fish to take a week or even two before it starts eating regularly.

What do you mean exactly by pouty and barrel rolls? Is the fish bloated? Is the fish scratching up against things?--if so, how often? If it seems to be constant, like several times or more in an hour then I would take a close look at the fish's skin. Use a flashlight and shine it from different angles and look at the fish from different angles: do you see any kind of coating on it's skin?

Please post back with more information


I looked at him last night and he was belly up. Thought he died but when I went to scoop him up he flipped over and took off. We played this game for a couple hours so I just left him over night thinking we wouldnt make it. Woke up and he was still belly up but then he flips back over and swims away.

I did add some Stress Coat per advice from pet store. Thats the only chemical I've added.

I took him out tonight and put him in a different tank and he acted fine but the other fish didn't want him there. I put him back and right now he's just hiding under a rock but its only been about 20 minutes.

Still wont eat anything. Talked to the guys at a local fish store and they were puzzled, gonna have the expert give me a call in the morning.

What do you mean by bloated? Like gas bloated? By "pouty" I mean he likes to swim sideways and go upside down.

It's almost like he's retarded? Just likes to sit there upside down. Any help appreciated!
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