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So I have a Green Severum 7" would be my guess. He may be slightly larger as in possibly 8", but no more. And no less.

I have a Oscar of about equal size. They have been tankmates for a year? Sorry I don't keep a diary of dates of fish being added. Anyway, as oscar has grown from a quarter to a 7" fish severum has gone nuts.

They fight daily, Severum starts it. They fight four or five times minimum. The tank 6x1.5x2 sits right next to my desk so I can watch them fight as I work. The Severum is certainly approaches and attacks the oscar.

After reading Silver Dollars are a good dither I tried some. We rearranged the tank, dropped in 8 2" Silvers, (1) 2" Convist, and a synodentis.

Severum attacked the Silver Dollars almost non stop.

He has killed three of them. He bites them on the head, then leaves them alone. I intorduced the new fish saturday.

Sunday, I bought a 120 4x2x2, and put Oscar in it. He has an active filter from the other tank. A glass bottom, so with some every other day water changes, he should be okay in the tank. Both he and the severum hurt each other pretty good. Large chunks of scales and holes in fins.

The Silver Dollars are now all back in Quarantine, with 1 dead, and 2 likely to die, and 5 survivors.

There are two visual breaks, several pieces of drift wood, and bunch of 24 and 36" plants giving cover in the Severums tank.

The convict has had no problems evading the Severum.

So what to do with Bad Attitude Severum?


I am not interested in a Killing ground, but the **** <didn't realize that was a bad word, shrug> if Severum gets a 6' tank to himself and a catfish or two.

Thanks for your time

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Hahaha that's funny. Well, you could rehome the severum or get it it's own tank, it sounds like other fish are a no-go, I would put the oscar and the remaining silver dollars in the 6 foot tank and figure out what to do with cujo, maybe a nice 55 gallon all to himself, even though it sounds like he doesn't deserve it. Haha bad fishie.
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