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Keyhole shape

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Anyone know what a 150 gallon aquarium- "keyhole" shape. Would be?!?
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I'd say that would have to be a custom made tank. There is no way of telling what it might look like unless you have seen photos or the real thing.
Okay, thanks. I was advised that is was a display tank from a fish store; they agreed to send pics. I am curious what that will look like.
me too. post the pics on here if you get them.
H eh, he... here it is. I think I'll pass on this one.[email protected]/
Uh... huh.

I'd pass it up, too. :lol:
I have a 44 gallon pentagon shaped tank that I don't like because of the panel seams. That "keyhole" tank would make me beat my head against the wall. Definitely a pass.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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