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Kenyi holding eggs male coloration?

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I recently bought a kenyi from a local fish store that was holding eggs however its showing male coloration is this possible? has anyone ever seen this before? By the way the kenyi had the batch of eggs with what i believe is a smaller cobalt blue zebra which I made the mistake of buying. :x
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It's a female. Females can show male coloration at times.
I have a female Demasoni that shows more color than the males. mean little b**** too. when my large male died she took over the tank, even killed off my last breeding male.
I have a Cyn. Lion right now that I swore was a male. She's holding a bunch of eggs though so I know with pretty good certainy she's a she :D

She's pretty aggressive while brooding too. It is fun to watch this chipmunk looking colorful fish flare and do the shimmy and shake at her tank mates.
I think spawning females will do this as a means to fend off males in the tank, who would normally pick on them (sometimes severely). It should fade once she spits, though it may not. Pic?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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