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Kenyi Agression

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I had to get rid of my boy (and girl) Kenyi.. He was starting to get too agressive and disturb the order of the tank. I was expecting this to be an issue and so was watching them closely. Just sad because I really liked him. I had planned to get rid of the girl because I am trying for an all male tank, so figured now was the time.. She was a very sweet girl though.

In any case, came home with a few replacements (always seem to get more than I give.) I got a Mangiano, an Afra, and a Daktari. So far all are doing well, but I am watching the interactions between my Cobalt Zebra and the new Afra... They may be too similar cause I can see the Zebra displaying for the Afra... So far it is only a display and not even chasing, so hopefully they will calm down some.

I will snap some pics and post them when I can, but right now the tank is a little cloudy as I had quite the chase and disruption (my moving all my rocks around) catching the Kenyi and so had to totally rearrange my entire tank!

In any case, my tank now stands at 60 gallons, 3 feet long with:

1 Cynotilapia Afra
1 Labidochromis Ceruleus (Yellow Lab)
1 Labidochromis Hongi (SRT)
1 Labidochromus Perlmutt
1 Melanochromis Cyaneorhabdos (Maingano)
2 Metriaclima Estherae (OB Zebra)
1 Metriaclima Callainos (Cobalt Zebra... may be a hybrid of some sort)
2 Pseudotropheus Acei
1 Pseudotropheus Daktari (Doctor's Cichlid)

1 Aulonocara Hybrid (OB Peacock)
1 Aulonocara Baenchi (Pseudo Sunshine Peacock)

4 Synodontis Lucipinnis

They are doing well, but I am watching the Aulon. Baenchi to make sure he isn't too stressed. They seem to leave him pretty much alone these days though and his color is coming out. The OB peacock acts much more like a mbuna than a peacock and totally fits in.

As far as agressors, my boss is currently the Lab. Hongi. He is the largest fish and I think once others grow this will not be the case. The only other agressive one is my cobalt and he is only mildly agressive. Any others I should be watching out for?????

Will post pictures once the water clears a little... It is much better, but still a mild haze.
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I'm jealous...I can't seem to find a Mangiano.
This was the second to last in the tank at the LFS. Had I known they had them before, I would have gone earlier. My husband has wanted a fish with horizontal stripes for a while, but I didn't want to risk any of the more agressive ones. He is a very briliant colored one too.... And seems so far to be relatively docile and not get in anyones way.
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Here are some pictures of the Maingano..

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Real nice looking little maingano and great pics. My pics never turn out that good. I dunno if it's me or the camera lol (prolly not the camera). I'd like to have some perlmutts sometime. I bet they look good in person. Can you post a pic of it and the daktari? I've never seen either of those in real life. A pic of your whole tank would be cool too :wink: Bet it looks awesome.

Are you going for an all male tank? There might always be problems if you're not, unless you add more females (3-4per male of a species) but don't think you tank is big enough for all that.
Are you planning on a bigger tank? I think the acei will need a longer tank. They get around 6" and like alot of length to swim back and forth from side to side. Neat fish though. When I added mine, the other fish started swimming up higher in the tank too. Really brought the tank to life. :thumb:
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Hi Dewdrop,

I actually posted a bunch of pictures of my tank entire fish population as a different post this morning: ... 01#1155901

I will warn you that my perlmutt is considered a "poor specimen" because it's stripes are not perfect. I like the imperfection in him though... Personalitywise, he is one of my favorites. Also the photos I took of the daktari do not do it's color justice. It is a mustard yellow with black stripes on the upper and lower edges of the tail fin. Just didn't show well in the pics so far... I am working very hard to improve my fish photography skills, but still have a ways to go.

I am going for an all male mixed mbuna tank. You will notice that there are two Peacocks though. The OB peacock thinks he's a mbuna, so no worries there. I am still waiting to see if I need to get rid of my yellow one though..

I am planning on a bigger tank. Just trying to convince my husband of it. Of course, I am also dreaming of a 120 gallon (had one a few years back) with Fronts, Calvus, and Brichardi.. Plus a few others.

I noticed the same with my Acei, brought all the fish to new levels. I love how they hang out together too. I only have 2 acei due to the tank size, but would love a couple more.
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