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Keeping Oscars and Convicts

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I have a question regarding Oscars and Convicts...

I see tons of pictures of Oscars being kept with Convicts, is this always an acceptable practice or does it usually end poorly for the Con. I have a 1 year old Oscar who is about 8 inches long in a 40g by himself. I understand the tank itself is small but my and my girlfriend are actively working on getting him a larger home. I also have a female convict who is about 2.5 inches who currently living in a 10 gallon tank by herself. Should I continue to try to find a home with her or would she be happy in the tank with the Oscar. I really would rather not have to pull her corpse out because she is a fine fish, but I was just wondering.

I look forward to comments!
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If you could upgrade to a 75 gallon you should not have a problem housing those two fish together, just make sure you leave a lot of open space in the middle of the tank and set up territories on opposing sides, with some fake plants in the center as line of sight breaks in case they decide to fight.
Me and my girlfriend are getting ready to move and when we move were looking for a large tank.
Oscars aren't that aggressive in my opinion, they just view anything small enough to eat as food. I've also found that oscars won't eat their juvenile friends. I wouldn't trust em not to, but my last oscar was over 8 inches long when I removed the danios I used to start the tank up.
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