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Hey all,

I currently have an empty 29 gallon tank (an unacceptable situation) :p and I was thinking of setting up a species tank for one of the steatocranus. Probably either the casuarius (the Buffalo head) or maybe a 'red eye'. It would have a power head for water motion with a HOB filter, some larger rocks and some smaller polished river rocks and perhaps an area of sand. It would also have some driftwood and perhaps a planted corner. I was thinking of adding a school of congo tetras (keeping the congo river theme) and maybe a small syno. (perhaps syno. brichardi) another congo river rapid water species. here are the questions:
1. What's the best way to buy the steatocranus? I can purchase 2 -3 inch specimens or 1.5 inch specimens. do I buy a group hoping to get a pair????

2. Are the congo tets ok???

3. I know the syno can reach 5 inches on average, is the 29 too small????
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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